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Heart Disease

February 10, 2020 KNOWME

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every 37 seconds. One person in America dies from heart disease. Just think about that. So from the beginning of this podcast to the end of this podcast, about nine people will have passed just because of heart disease. That's nearly 650,000 lives every year. And it doesn't discriminate between men or women because it's leading cause of death for both. So what can you do about it? Welcomed Health Made Simple. Today's topic is heart disease. February is Heart Month, and most people are confused by the amount of information they find on the Internet. As a health care provider, I see it every single day, and that's why we've created health made simple a place where you can come and get clear, concise and accurate health information in just five minutes or less. Like I said, February is heart month, And heart disease involves a range of conditions that can affect your heart, from high blood pressure to vessel problems like coronary artery disease. But it can also include heart attacks in heart failure and stroke. But did you know that most forms of heart disease can be prevented with healthy life habits? but we have to be proactive. We must be proactive. You must be proactive to keep your heart healthy, and the first thing you can do is exercise. It'll help manage blood sugar levels and help you relax and feel happy. But you have to find an exercise that fits you and Fitz your current fitness level. You know no one goes out and runs a marathon the first day. In fact, some people don't like to run it all, so I encourage you don't run. If you don't like to run, you must enjoy the exercise you do. Otherwise, you will be miserable and it won't be sustainable. What else can you do? Number to eat a diet full of anti inflammatory foods. Food rich in fiber and antioxidants? Well, what does that mean? Very simply each year, Fruits and your veggies, Berries and Citrus fruits are fantastic, but so are herbs and spices like to mark and garlic, and enjoy healthy fats like nuts and seeds. Avocados. Wild caught fish, an extra virgin olive oil. Next, avoid chemicals and toxins. Researchers found a link potentially between the chemical BP A, which is often found in plastics and heart disease. Think carefully about the amount of plastic, especially plastics. You heat up as exposure to B P A. Changed natural heartbeat signals in rats and lead to irregular heartbeats that caused sudden cardiac death. Lastly, reduce the amount of stress on your body. Some of the best ways to relieve stress is to quit caffeine, smoking and alcohol. Don't short change your body, and the rest that needs sleep is when your body restores and repairs itself. Prey. Meditate journal. You can even draw or paint. If that causes. Relax ation in. You spend time with people you love and care about. And if you don't have a family that loves and cares about, you connect with community group of people that have similar interests. Listen, I know they're trying to incorporate all of these changes, especially into our busy, busy lifestyles can seem really daunting, but let's make it simple. If you're not doing any of these things, start by doing one. If you're doing two of these things, add 1/3 and don't worry about being perfect all the time. No one's perfect, but try to be better than you were yesterday, and one of my favorite quotes. My favorite quotes of all time comes from Davos. Sweeney, he says. Be great where your feet are today.